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Ergonomic evaluations prevent work-related injury

Don’t wait for pain and discomfort before identifying potential causes of injury.

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Lifting and back safety in the workplace

Lifting at work is good for you, right? “Because I lift at work, I can avoid the trip to the gym.” Unfortunately, this can be a common misconception.

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October is national ergonomics awareness month

Most any work environment is likely to expose employees to ergonomic hazards.

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Free ergonomic evaluations offered to CSU employees

Do you have pain or discomfort at work? An ergonomic evaluation from Risk Management may help.

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Quantify your ergonomic risk

Ergonomics expands to all areas of work whether in the office, laboratory, dining center, medical facility, animal handling facility or for custodial workers. Identifying, evaluating and controlling injury risks when performing job tasks can help prevent injury, regardless of where

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Start Summer Off Right with Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of work, and ideally involves fitting the job to the person, not the person to the job. As you begin working, the slight posture changes you make to accommodate the workstation you are given may not

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