October is Ergonomics Awareness Month even during the pandemic

October brings yet another National Ergonomics Month and during this time the Ergonomics Team at CSU want to remind you to that resources are available to help, even during the pandemic.

If you are working remotely or prefer to minimize contact with others as much as possible, a virtual office ergonomic evaluation can be provided, without ever having to set foot in your home or office. If you are still working on campus, in-person evaluations from an ergonomics specialist can be provided as well (proper safety precautions will be followed when a specialist visits your office).

Office ergonomic evaluations were very commonplace before the pandemic, and with a whole new workstation and new challenges at home, we can help with there too. If you prefer, even a simple phone call or online meeting can be conducted so that you can have your questions answered. We are here to help.

It is also highly recommended that you complete online on-demand training. Options for both working from home and at the office are included, and you are always welcome to complete both.

Man at computer

Proper ergonomics can help you be more productive as well as healthier. Photo courtesy Humanscale

Online training

Office Computer Workstation Setup (Work Office) 

Home Office Computer Workstation Setup (Home Office)

Refer also to this flyer on computer workstation setup (courtesy of Herman Miller). Although this handout does not specifically cover working from home, the same principles for setting up your workstation apply.

Virtual ergonomics website and resources

The ergonomics website has a good deal of information and links to resources that can help you with your workstation setup at work or at home. In addition, information and resources are available on using a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, lighting ergonomics, stretching and injury prevention and more.

Ergonomic Evaluation Request

Ergolab/Showroom, Equipment Loans

Non-Office Ergonomics
Remember, ergonomics is not solely about office and computer work. There is far more to it. If you are performing custodial work, food service and preparation, animal care and handling, materials handling, maintenance or any task, this can be evaluated. Keep in mind that one of the primary goals of ergonomics is to design tasks, tools, equipment and environments to meet employees’ capabilities and limitations, to reduce the risk for injury, improve productivity and enhance health and well-being. Evaluation of any job task performed can and ideally should be evaluated to ensure proper ergonomics.

See our website for additional information and to request a non-office or industrial ergonomic evaluation.

Contact a member of the Ergonomics Team with any questions and see the website for extensive details: (970) 491-2724, rmi.prep.colostate.edu/ergonomics