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Researcher: Analysis of GMO labeling initiative unbiased

A new citizens’ review of the initiative to require labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was largely fair and unbiased, according to a CSU researcher.

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Works reaffirm African artistic strength

Out of Africa comes a new exhibit of African Art in the University Art Museum. The sculpture, jewelry, textiles, printmaking, and photography are authentic examples of art that fulfill specific purposes in African culture.

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Hundreds of high school students to visit campus

More than 1,000 high school students will descend on the Colorado State University campus Thursday and Friday, and campus community members are being encouraged to be welcoming and assist any visitors who have questions or need directions. Journalism Day, being

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Pulitzer-winning drama, “The Glass Menagerie”

New faculty member Garrett Ayers lends a bold new interpretation to the Tennessee Tennessee Williams classic that is said to reflect Williams’ own, unhappy family background.

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CSU prof: Re-examine how kids are affected by natural disasters

Colorado State University Associate Professor Lori Peek says our preconceived notions about how youth are affected by natural disasters can be out of line with reality.

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The State of Innovation in Colorado

Startups, innovation lead to long-term job growth in Colorado, according to new CSU report.

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Seats still available for Community Lecture Series on Tuesday

CSU's Lori Peek has worked with high school students in the Gulf Coast region, empowering them to help others following disasters. Can children and youth lead the way to recovery following catastrophic disasters? Programs put in place with the help Read More

Childhood friends play double bass, percussion

Bass faculty Forest Greenough teams up with childhood friend Darin Kamstra for an exciting and diverse evening of music for double bass and percussion.

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Paul Metz interim chair of Music, Theatre and Dance

For the 2014-2015 academic year, Paul Metz will serve as interim chair of the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance at Colorado State University. This appointment follows the announcement that Todd Queen, department chair since 2009, was named dean of the

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Arts Program: Music, Theatre and Dance Tickets

Through C2C, employees receive one free pair of tickets per school year.

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