Building access during professional development days

administration building

During professional development days, Monday, Nov. 23 -Wednesday, Nov. 25, buildings at Colorado State University will be unlocked manually by custodial staff or unlocked automatically via key card system, as they are on normal business days.

Centennial Hall, Student Services, Administration, Rockwell Hall and Rockwell West will be accessible through key cards only. Other University buildings will remain on normal lock-and-unlock schedules for the three days.

On Thursday and Friday, the University is closed and will be on holiday schedules, which means Facilities Management will not manually unlock buildings. Buildings may be opened with key card access.

Although some Facilities Management staff members will take advantage of professional workdays Monday through Wednesday, some will remain at work. Staff will be on all three campuses to provide cleaning services and ensure buildings continue to provide heat and power. The central heating plant will remain fully operational. A few projects and scheduled outages will still occur.