CSU Construction

Construction on a number of projects on the Colorado State University main, south and foothills campuses during spring and summer 2020 will have significant impacts on transportation and parking.

These projects will add a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system to the Moby complex; a renovated College of Agriculture building; the final phase of renovation on the north side of the Lory Student Center; creation of student housing at Meridian Village; two new facilities on the foothills campus; a new equine hospital on the south campus, and numerous improvements to alternative transportation and pedestrian byways around and through all three of CSU’s campuses.

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Send your questions, comments or concerns about construction at csu_feedback@colostate.edu.

The impacts on and near the CSU campuses will include parking lot closures, detours associated with the renovation and construction projects, drilling on the intramural fields as part of the geothermal system for Moby, and periodic road and trail closures for maintenance and utility work.

“It may get a bit muddy and our familiar travel routes may be affected, but the end result is going to allow CSU to become an even more sustainable, navigable and beautiful place to learn and work,” according to Lynn Johnson, vice president for University Operations.

Helpful resources

Parking: parking@colostate.edu; (970) 491-7041

Transportation options: pts.colostate.edu/employee

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Check parking garage parking availability at pts.colostate.edu/parking/parking-garage-status.