‘Tour Tuesdays’ return to CSU June 13 with 28 behind-the-scenes options


Tour Tuesday kicks off June 13 with a stellar lineup.

Originally launched in June 2022, the six-week series is back with 28 behind-the-scenes and backstage looks at various parts of campus.

Discover the how hydroponic lettuce is grown for the Dining Centers, or head down to CSU Spur to get a close-up of the three-building campus after a catered lunch.


From animals to the arts

Bug out at the C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity to view its 4.7 million-specimen collection, explore CSU’s sustainability, experience the Geospatial Centroid’s compelling story maps, or learn about how CSU fights food insecurity at the Rams Against Hunger Food Pantry.

Go behind the scenes in the Biology Building to view a 13,000-specimen collection of mammals and birds, learn about the equine connection and advancements in equine research and training, or head backstage at the University Center for the Arts to learn about music, theatre and dance venues.

Explore the biggest walk-in closet in the Rockies; learn about myths, legends and ghost stories; experience on-campus bicycling maintenance and an educational training center; or see what’s brewing in one of CSU’s Brew Kitchen and Innovation Lab.

Nutrien Building Opening

Additional choices

Plus, tour guests will have the opportunity to learn about more than 100 years of the CSU weather station, head into the vault where the University’s art collection is stored, or learn how the future is being designed and built within several prototype labs. There are tours to get an up-close look at the campus’s newest building, get a first glimpse of what’s happening within student media, and much more.

All tours are free, and registration is required on a first come, first serve basis, because tour group sizes are limited.

Visit visit.colostate.edu/TourTuesdays to register or for more information about the featured tours, including tour descriptions, dates and times, or to learn more about Summertime at CSU.

Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising

The tours

The summer lineup includes the following tours (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Agriculture Lives Here: Nutrien Building.
  2. Backstage: University Center of the Arts.
  3. Biology Building Tour.
  4. Biology Teaching Collection.
  5. Brew Kitchen and Innovation Lab.
  6. Bugging out at the CP Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity.
  7. Business in a Hybrid World.
  8. CSU as an Age Friendly University.
  9. CSU Spur Campus.
  10. CSU Weather Station.
  11. Designing & Building the Future Together: Nancy Richardson Design Center.
  12. Food Science & Human Nutrition.
  13. From Game Day to Student Success: Canvas Stadium.
  14. General Campus Tour.
  15. Hydroponic Harvests: An On-Campus Grown Lettuce Tour.
  16. Into the Vault: Gregory Allicar Museum of Art.
  17. Mystery of CSU History.
  18. Not your Grandfather’s Mapmaking: Exploring Spatial Technologies with Geospatial Centroid.
  19. Powerhouse Energy Campus.
  20. Rams Against Hunger Food Pantry.
  21. Rocky Mountain Student Media.
  22. Sustainability in Plain Sight.
  23. Temple Grandin Equine Center (Foothills Campus).
  24. The Biggest Walk-In Closet in the Rockies: Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising.
  25. The Equine Connection: Equine Teaching and Research Center.
  26. The Spoke.
  27. What’s So Special About It: Rare and Unique Materials at the Morgan Library.
  28. CSU in Bloom – Annual Flower Trial Gardens (self-guided, no registration required).

Tours are open to the CSU community as well as campus partners. All tour guests must register individually. For more information on group tours, or on adding a tour of their facility, college, department, unit, program or research, contact Jennifer Wright at Jennifer.Wright@colostate.edu.

Aerial view of CSU's Morgan Library