Yuma County: Tania Morales – Social Work

Tania Morales

All64: Every corner of Colorado. CSU connects with every county.

Tania Morales

“They have all taught me so much in a devoted way. I always look forward to my Social Work classes because they are so fun but I also learn so much.


During the 2022-23 academic year, we are highlighting one Colorado State University student or alum from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Centennial State’s land grant university has a connection to the diverse lands and people from the counties of Moffat to Baca, Montezuma to Sedgwick and everywhere in between.

Tania Morales

Major: Social Work with a minor in Sociology

Why I chose CSU: I chose CSU because of the diversity and beautiful campus. I loved how welcoming people were when I visited, not to mention the views of the foothills. I love Fort Collins!

My favorite thing about CSU: The beautiful campus and my department, Social Work. Everyone is so nice.

Clubs/organizations in college: Club Volleyball, SALT Company, Student Mobilization, El Centro

Career goals: Graduate with a master’s in social work, get my clinical license and work as a Probation/Parole Officer and the Children’s Hospital. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that the only way to “change” people is by supporting, loving, being patient, and providing resources. This can change perspectives, habits, and lifestyles because people are being trained to live correctly instead of receiving strict punishment for their mistakes. We all make mistakes; some people just need more help than others. Why Children’s Hospital? I have a passion for helping others. I think that life can be so beautiful, but it also can be so cruel and unfair. When children are being diagnosed with cancer, parents don’t think twice. They will do what is possible to help save their kids. What if they don’t have the financial support, resources, or mental capacity to deal with this? Well, that is where I would come in. I would be there to help them along the way, working hand in hand with my coworkers.

Favorite instructor: I can’t pick one because they have all been so amazing, kind, patient, loving, and inspiring to me. They have all taught me so much in a devoted way. I always look forward to my Social Work classes because they are so fun but I also learn so much.

Favorite NOCO food and hangouts: Food – Wing Shack, Taqueria Los Comales, Cheba Hut, El Diablo Taco Truck; Hangout – Lima, Dutch Bros, City Park, Foothills Mall, Sand Volleyball Courts at IM fields, Poudre River, and Horsetooth of course!

Quirky fact(s) about you: I’m highly sensitive to caffeine, I’m fluent in Spanish and English. I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. I am terrified of moths but not snakes, I am obsessed with Lilo and Stitch. I was chased by a goat for half a mile when I was 7.

What do you tell people from your Yuma County about CSU: I tell them that it is the most beautiful campus on earth.

What’s your favorite CSU tradition: Besides CAM the Ram and how his name stands for Colorado Agriculture and Mechanical College, I love the “A.” I love doing a sunrise hike to the “A” and being reminded that before me there was a history of people who went to the same school as me but were called the Aggies.

Something people should know about Yuma County: People are so loving and caring for everyone in the community. At sporting events and all types of community events, it is packed with loving and supporting people. The same way they come together for the good times, they come together for the tough times. We are one big family.

Biggest adversity you’ve overcome at CSU: Transferring to CSU during the year of COVID. It was so hard transferring and trying to make friends when everyone was afraid of COVID. For this reason, many businesses were closed and students were very isolated. It was tough.