Website showcases decade of campus physical transformation

Colorado State University is building for success, charting the largest construction boom on campus in more than 50 years that added 4 million gross square feet to campus buildings. Construction in the last ten years represents a $1.5 billion investment in new buildings and infrastructure, and updating old buildings, collectively expanding academic, research and multi-use space for our growing university.

The buildings, the expansions and the improvements demonstrate our commitment to our core mission of academics, research, teaching and outreach.

The spaces are sustainable, comfortable, efficient, artistic, and welcoming.  And, they are ready for you to visit. A new website, Building Success – — makes it easy for you to take a virtual tour through the transformation of each one with facts that showcase sustainability, investment, size, and completion details.

“The decade of investment in facilities and infrastructure has been transformative to campus, and the realization of the vision set forth by President William Morgan in the late 1950s,” said Fred Haberecht, assistant director of Facilities Management. “The investment has resulted in a campus that is more welcoming, accessible, aesthetically integrated and functional, as well as providing the physical framework for continued success of the university for future generations.”

Building success fast facts:

  • Between 2014-2017, at the height construction on campus, and the university juggled multiple new building construction projects at once – 11, in fact; these projects alone required thousands of construction workers to be on campus daily and involved more than 300 subcontractor companies.
  • University staff coordinated with partners such as the city of Fort Collins to provide public outreach with more than 150 public meetings providing opportunity for input
  • Milestones include:
    • More than 25,000 people attending the open house celebrating the completion of Canvas Stadium
    • A new pedestrian and bike underpass at Prospect Road clocked up to 30,000 trips a day in its first year
    • More than 1,000 beds were added to student housing
  • At peak construction, 750 workers reported to campus a day at Canvas Stadium, and 550 a day to Aggie Village redevelopment.
  • In 2005-06, 24,947 students arrived on campus fall compared to 33,877 this current academic year

All of this change was accomplished with a devotion to building up and not out to preserve views and green space, creating a sense of place that ties new and old together into a cohesive campus, and commitment to sustainability and live-ability.