Vote for Temple Grandin Webby Award

Colorado State University

CSU Animal Sciences Professor Temple Grandin loves talking to people. And people love talking with her.

She is nominated for a prestigious Webby Award – think web-Emmy – which highlights outstanding web experiences that have occurred throughout the year for her Reddit “AMA” (ask me anything) that she hosted last fall.

temple.grandin.webbyAs part of Grandin’s Webby nomination, there is a public vote opportunity for Grandin to take home the Webby People’s Voice Award. Please vote for her to take home the award here. Deadline to vote is midnight on April 23.

Reddit is a link sharing online community that attracts millions of users each month. Its popular AMA events connect users and public figures in an open forum. Typically, users submit questions during a limited time window a few hours before the AMA event. The host then answers questions during a live chat session. AMAs allow the public to interact with interesting and knowledgeable people on a one-to-one, unscripted basis.

Grandin’s Reddit session was enormously popular, and the site continues to see engagement and discussion, even after the November event. In fact, Grandin’s “Ask Me Anything” has proven to be the most popular and highest rated “Ask Me Anything” in Reddit’s “Science” section, receiving nearly 4200 votes and spawning over 1300 comments.