Volunteers needed for student move-out next week

Campus volunteers are still needed to help with the student move-out process in the coming week.

Loading a truckLast year, 32,000 pounds of material was donated and distributed to three dozen nonprofit agencies. But students still threw away 186,000 pounds of material, so CSU is encouraging students to be mindful of what is thrown in trash bins.

This year’s move-out program is called “Pack It, Store It, Donate It,” and it will benefit Homeward Alliance and its network of local nonprofit agencies. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make the program successful. Volunteers assist with collecting donations and sorting them in the trucks. Shifts are available from 1 to 5 p.m. May 13-15, as well as 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 16 and 17. The shifts are two hours long, and sign-up is available at https://signup.com/go/CZHzrDP.

Three options

The new title “Pack It, Store It, Donate It” refers to:

• Pack It – Students take items with them to reuse, which is the most sustainable and economical choice.

• Store It – Students who are returning to the halls next fall can store some items over the summer. Exodus Moving and Storage is offering summer storage at its facility for $200, including pick-up at the halls and three months of secure storage. Students interested in this option should contact Exodus and mention the CSU Student Summer Storage Program.

• Donate It – For students who have items they can’t reuse, there will be 10 donation stations around the halls May 13-17 to benefit Homeward Alliance. Students can donate clothing; linens; school supplies; non-perishable, unopened food; and small appliances (including microfridges). Furniture and futons, broken electronics and mirrors/glass cannot be donated to Homeward Alliance, and students are asked to donate items in good condition to other local charities.

This is the second year that CSU has partnered with Homeward Alliance. Prior to that, the program was called Leave It Behind, and was a partnership with CSU Surplus in which donated materials were sold at a huge community sale to benefit the Eco Leaders. The volume of material outgrew CSU Surplus’ capacity, so now CSU brings large trucks to campus to collect materials and then take them offsite to sort and distribute. This year, Exodus is a sponsor of the program and has generously donated the use of its lot for sorting and distributing.

CSU University Communications Staff