There is still time to Shift Your Ride during September

Hands on bicycle handlebars

Only a few weeks into the Fall 2020 semester and Colorado State University students, faculty, staff and the Fort Collins community are creating fresh habits to adapt and navigate during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Over the last few years, CSU and the City of Fort Collins have shared a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and improving social sustainability. This year, September is Shift Your Ride Month – a special focus on transportation sustainability.

“Bike, bus, carpool, vanpool, telework … we hope employees and students will embrace the Shift challenge during the COVID pandemic while joining this citywide campaign,” said Aaron Fodge, CSU’s alternative transportation manager. “Shift Your Ride is consistent with CSU’s Climate Action Plan goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while shifting how we travel to work.”

Throughout the month, CSU and the city have been partnering to encourage all members of our community to Shift their Rides by going car-free as much as possible. The focus on transportation methods other than single-occupancy vehicles ties into campus and community goals, which include encouraging the use of active modes of transportation, like walking and biking, and reducing Fort Collins’ overall carbon footprint.

To promote this initiative, the City has created a “Shift Your Ride Challenge” which inspires participants to go car-free one extra trip per week until Earth Day 2021 in April. Participants will also be entered for a chance to win a free bike.

To sign up or to find some tips about how to Shift Your Ride, go to the city’s bicycling website.