School of Education faculty members awarded Senior Teaching Appointments

Two School of Education faculty members were recently awarded Senior Teaching Appointments in recognition of their excellent leadership, teaching, service, and scholarship in the field of education at Colorado State University.

Heidi Frederiksen
As an undergraduate student at CSU, Heidi Frederiksen earned a B.A. in Music, then pursued a B.S. in Math Education at the University of Northern Colorado. She spent more than a decade working as a math teacher in Weld County School District #6, while earning her M.Ed. and Principal License through CSU. She later received her Ph.D. from CSU.

Dawn Mallette, left, and Heidi Frederiksen
Dawn Mallette, left, and Heidi Frederiksen

Following her tenure as the head of the Greeley Central High School mathematics department, Frederiksen began working as an instructor and key advisor for the School of Teacher Education and Principal Preparation (currently, the Center for Educator Preparation). In 2015, Frederiksen was named Interim Associate Director for STEPP; when STEPP evolved into CEP, she moved into her current role as co-chair.

As CEP co-chair, Frederiksen helps prepare teachers and principals to work in PK-12 schools. CEP programs offer teacher licensure for undergraduate and post-graduate students, and principal licensure for graduate students. Additionally, Frederiksen advises a variety of students, from honors students to Ph.D. candidates, in School of Education programs, and teaches EDUC 450, a course for teacher licensure students that includes both instruction and hands-on experience working in a high school classroom.

Along with the rest of CEP, Frederiksen hopes to work with the Department of Ethnic Studies to develop a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse program; develop curriculum for Semester at Sea students; and implement new standards for CEP’s teacher candidates that are aligned to the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards, ensuring graduates from the program are prepared to teach—and stay—in Colorado classrooms.

Regarding the Senior Teaching Appointment, Frederiksen says, “I’m honored to be recognized for that work. [Teaching] is definitely my identity and passion. The scope of influence that I have, the difference I can make, is the most rewarding part of the job. My hope is always that I’ve helped to make this world a better place, especially for kids.”

Dawn Mallette
Dawn Mallette studied Home Economics Education and Extension, earning her B.S. from Fort Hays State University, then received her M.S. in Consumer Science and Education from the University of Nebraska. Mallette earned her Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies from CSU, specializing in teacher education and staff development.

Mallette began her career in education teaching Home Economics to junior and senior high school students in Crete, Nebraska. After moving to Fort Collins, she worked as a substitute teacher, which led her to CSU. Mallette worked as an instructor, advisor, and project assistant for curriculum development in the Consumer and Family Studies program (currently, Family and Consumer Sciences), for 10 years before adding the role of Associate Director for Online Degrees and Distance Programs for the School of Education.

“I have a love of Family and Consumer Sciences content, an appreciation for the life skills that this profession provides, as well as the impact that it can have on individuals, families, and the community. The interdisciplinary content of Family and Consumer Sciences is information that I personally enjoyed learning, and this knowledge has served me well in my life,” says Mallette.

Along with teaching classes in FaCS, Mallette teaches courses for CEP students who are preparing for their student-teaching experiences, and advises her FaCS students to prepare them for their post-graduate careers. As a teacher and an advisor, Mallette is committed to making sure these students are going into the workforce with real-world skills already in place. As Associate Director for Online Degrees and Distance Programs for the School of Education, Mallette coordinates the online graduate programs for distance learning and teacher professional development courses.

“Receiving the Senior Teaching Appointment recognizes my passion for teaching and advising, as well as my longevity here at CSU, and my hard work at being a strong teacher,” says Mallette. “It is an honor to be recognized for the rewarding, impactful work that I’ve had the pleasure of doing for over 25 years.”

Significant Contributions
As assistant professors, advisers, and leaders in the School of Education, both Frederiksen and Mallette have contributed to the progress of their programs and the School as a whole. “We are fortunate to have their expertise, commitment, and teaching excellence in the School of Education,” says Louise Jennings, co-director for the School.

“This is an amazing place full of amazing people; so, while I love what I do individually, I also love what I do with my group of people. I couldn’t do it without the team that I have,” says Frederiksen. “It’s an important piece to me—it’s about getting the right people on the bus and making sure that they’re in the right seat. We have that group of people. We are poised to do a lot of really cutting edge work around preparing teachers and leaders; it’s so exciting and so fun. It’s phenomenal.”

“I know it’s cliché, but the most rewarding thing are the students whom I’ve been able to mentor along their life path—helping them find their own passions and guiding them to achieve great things,” says Mallette. “I feel humbled when I look back at the pictures of all the lives I’ve impacted—and truly enjoy when they stay in touch, and continue to look to me as a mentor and friend.”

In his congratulatory message to both Frederiksen and Mallette, Dean Jeff McCubbin of the College of Health and Human Sciences, the School of Education’s academic home, wrote, “Thanks for your leadership, teaching, service and scholarship. You are important faculty in CHHS.”