Ripple Effect offers DIY plumbing and electrical classes

Stumped by clogged sink? Perplexed when you plug in because an outlet won’t work?

CSU employees and the Ripple Effect are teaming up on a series of classes to introduce the basics of home repair. The classes, funded in February through the first Ripple Effect grant process, aim to help CSU employees safely tackle common problems around the house and provide education about when to contact a licensed professional.woman fixer

“More than half of America’s adults are single, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” said Scott Baily. Baily is director of Academic Computing and Networking Services at CSU, and he proposed the classes to the Ripple Effect grant process. “In many cases, single women do not have the knowledge to do simple repairs around the house; these classes provide a means for women to become more self-sufficient.”

Series of classes cover basics

The series of classes includes two sections. One three-part series of classes will focus on plumbing. Matt Markle, a Facilities Management employee, will teach the section. Markle has been at CSU for 16 years and has been a pipe fitter and plumber since 1991.

“I want to teach this class because I think of my grandmother and mother, who depend on me to make repairs on plumbing, electrical, etc.,” said Markle. “They don’t have the experience or knowledge to perform these tasks. I know what it costs to have someone come out and that can have quite the impact on your wallet. With some basic knowledge, someone can make an attempt to fix their plumbing on their own.”

The plumbing classes will help participants learn to perform routine repairs such as finding the main water line in a house and closing the main water valve properly, unclogging a drain, and fixing a leaky toilet. Markle will also share tips for when to call a professional plumber, as well as recommend resources about plumbing repairs. Plumbing classes will be held from 6:30 – 8 p.m. July 8, 15 and 22, in GSB 303. Participants should plan to attend all three to complete the section.

The second section of repair classes will focus on electrical repairs and will be held on Aug. 5, 12, and 19. Participants will gain an understanding of electrical panels, and learn how to identify and turn off a breaker before doing electrical work, as well as how to replace a faulty wall switch or outlet. These classes, taught by Pat Demchok, will also provide context for when to call a licensed electrician and additional resources.ripple-effect600

Demchok has been involved in the electrical industry for more than 40 years and currently works in CSU’s Telecom office. Before working at Telecom, Demchok worked for Facilities Management. He’s an experienced instructor, having taught electrical apprentice classes in the past.

Registration info

Participants should plan to attend all three classes to complete the section.