Ram Country Meats open for business

Ram Country Meats

Customers of Colorado State University’s Meat Lab may have noticed not only a change in the lab’s website, but now the lab has a new name – Ram Country Meats. The new name may draw additional customers who were not aware that the Meat Lab is both an educational facility and a retail meat sales operation.

“The name Ram Country Meats better represents the retail side of our operation to customers,” said Robert Delmore, a professor of Animal Sciences who oversees the teaching and research component of the Meat Lab. “The new name connects us to the CSU brand and seems more like a place where you would go to buy meats.”

Animal Sciences Building
Open Thursday & Friday
noon – 6 p.m.

Ram Country Meats offers cuts of beef, pork, lamb and further processed meats such as ham, bacon and sausage, and users can place orders online and then pay for them when they pick them up at the store front which is located within the Animal Sciences Building on the Monfort Quad. The store is open for customers on Thursday and Friday from noon – 6 p.m. All orders must be picked up in person, as the website does not have a shipping component yet. Walk-in and phone orders are also an option.

Redesigned website

The new website is a departure from the old Meat Lab website which dated back over ten years and was less user-friendly.

“A lot of thought went into the design of the website,” said Joe Bullard, who manages Ram Country Meats. “We wanted something that was visually appealing, modern, and easy to use.”

The website allows users to browse through the different products, check pricing and place orders. A new function of the website is being mobile friendly, so users can access it through their smartphones and tablets.

Student run and operated

Ram Country Meats is student run and operated and provides students with hand-on experience in the retail meat industry. Students learn how to properly identify and process cuts of meat and how to ensure that meat is delivered to customers in a clean and safe manner.

“Helping run Ram Country Meats is an invaluable learning opportunity for our students,” said Delmore. “This operation is a tangible example of how our teaching in the Department of Animal Sciences goes far beyond what is learned in classrooms.”

For more information or to place an order visit: http://ramcountrymeats.colostate.edu/.