New payment plan lets students pay tuition over course of semester

Admitted students may now pay their bill for the 2018-19 year in elective monthly installments with the CSU Payment Plan.

Students and FAMweb users with billing authorization may:

  • Pay your bill in easy monthly installments rather than in one lump sum due all at once
  • No-hassle withdrawals are automatically deducted each month from the designated domestic checking or savings accountRam head logo
  • Calculate the monthly payment amount and timeframe with the payment estimator tool
  • Pay tuition, university fees, and residence hall room and board charges billed to CSU student accounts
  • Adjust payment amounts at any time

CSU will withdraw the elected amount from the designated domestic checking or savings account between the third and the fifth of each month.

Each term (fall/spring) has a maximum of six payments per semester. Students managing their plan will be able to determine how many payments are made over the course of the semester.

Monthly payments can be adjusted at any time. Once charges are viewable on the account (end of July for fall, beginning of January for spring), students may wish to adjust the scheduled monthly payments to avoid over or under-paying. Adjustments to the monthly payment amount can also be made if there are changes to financial aid or class schedule.

Most university charges (tuition, fees, residence hall room and board, etc.) are viewable on student accounts in early August (fall) and early January (spring), however rent for university apartments (Aggie Village, Aggie Family, International House and University Village) are billed monthly and therefore cannot be included in the payment plan. For questions about billing for housing charges, contact Housing & Dining Services.

If payments are kept up-to-date (see payment schedule) and cover the amount billed to the student account, then the account will be paid each term prior to the student account billing due date (Sept. 10 for fall and Feb. 10 for spring).

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