New online graduate certificate courses available in nutrition sciences

Story by Kelsey Hussey

This fall, the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition will offer the first of three new online courses for a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Sciences. The focus of the certificate is health promotion and disease prevention.

“The goals of the certificate courses are to help learners gain advanced knowledge of nutrition science, guide them to credible information and provide them the knowledge to communicate what they have learned to improve individual and public health,” said James Peth, a Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition instructor at CSU.

James Peth photo
James Peth

The certificate is geared toward health professionals and individuals with a professional or personal interest in how nutrition is linked to health promotion and disease prevention. All courses will be offered through CSU Online, and eligible CSU employees can use the Employee Study Privilege Program to cover tuition costs.

Benefits of the certificate

Over recent decades there has been a global increase in the prevalence and incidence of diet- and lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Health professionals have regular interaction with individuals with nutrition-related problems and must be able to offer sound resources and information. While the certificate program is not meant to prepare individuals to engage in medical nutrition therapy, it offers them an opportunity for professional development in nutritional sciences.

Those not working in health professions also have much to gain as they strive to make healthful decisions for themselves and guide others to make healthier choices. Learners completing the certificate will acquire information and skills for promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease among members of their families and communities.

Staying informed of new developments

The fast-paced spread of information via media channels can lead to conflicting and inaccurate messages about nutrition. Even messages based on high-quality research may not stand the test of time, so it is important to stay informed as new studies advance the field of nutrition.

Michelle Milholland
Michelle Milholland

“Nutrition guidelines are constantly evolving,” said Michelle Milholland, an online instructor for the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at CSU. “In these courses, learners will analyze academic literature and current recommendations, and develop skills to foster ongoing learning.”

Course topics include advanced concepts in nutrition science, chronic disease prevention, new developments in nutrition, and areas of controversy.

The courses

Students earn the certificate after completing a total of three specified courses:

1. FSHN 530 – Principles of Nutrition Science & Metabolism: register now.

2. FSHN 531 – Diet, Nutrition, & Chronic Disease: available Spring 2018.

3. FSHN 532 – Emerging Issues in Nutrition: available Fall 2018.

To enroll, students should have an undergraduate or advanced degree in a life sciences discipline.

For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Sciences, contact Milholland at

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CSU University Communications Staff