Making sustainability a priority at the National Western Stock Show

Energy-saving and recycling practices play a major part in the plans for the upcoming National Western Center, as most existing facilities will be replaced as part of the redevelopment. But the National Western Stock Show is not waiting for new facilities to begin making a few upgrades and enjoying the related benefits.

“The National Western Center will be our new home, but we aren’t waiting until those facilities are complete to make things better around our grounds,” said Paul Andrews, NWSS President and Chief Executive Officer. “It is important that Stock Show continues to elevate the experience for guests and exhibitors even before the new buildings are introduced.”

The NWSS has begun installing rooftop photovoltaic panels – solar panels – for power generation across the grounds. At the same time, the complex also significantly reduced its energy demand by replacing old fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures with LED fixtures throughout more than 600,000 square feet of the complex. The energy savings will be more than enough to pay for the new systems over the remaining life of the buildings. As an added benefit, patrons, vendors and exhibitors noticed the greatly enhanced quality and quantity of light during the 2017 Stock Show this past January.

In addition to the typical energy usage of an events center this size, the large number of animals on the Stock Show grounds each year generates tons of dirty bedding and animal waste. Rather than simply disposing of it, the NWSS partners with Permagreen Organics,  Colorado’s largest manufacturer of organic soil products, to haul off between 13,000 and 16,000 cubic yards of this waste each year. Once the waste has composted at the Permagreen site, it is made available either by bag or in bulk at home improvement stores, grocery stores and garden centers around Colorado.

So whether it is saving energy or recycling waste, the NWSS consistently is working toward a greener and more sustainable complex. The promise of cutting-edge technology at the new National Western Center will only magnify these efforts even further.

About the National Western Stock Show

Established in 1906, the National Western Stock Show is the premier livestock, rodeo and horse show in the nation, serving agricultural producers and consumers throughout the world. A 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing education in agriculture, including college and graduate level scholarships in agriculture and veterinary medicine for practice in rural areas.

The NWSS is one of Colorado’s preeminent tourist destinations, and it is held every January for 16 days. As a nationally recognized western heritage and entertainment event, the Stock Show attracts attendance numbers of more than 650,000 visitors each year.

Throughout its historic event, the NWSS has strived to strengthen American agriculture through enrichment programs and youth education in livestock, equestrian, farming, ranching, animal awareness and appreciation. The Stock Show celebrates western lifestyles throughout its communities and provides lifelong memories and family traditions.

CSU University Communications Staff