Partners sought for projects with Landscape Design and Contracting

Story by Zachary Johnson 

The Landscape Design and Contracting program in the College of Agricultural Sciences is seeking individuals to partner with CSU senior design students for projects focusing on landscape designs for residential areas. Students are offering two opportunities, depending on the size and scale of the land. Small-landscape

Small Projects

Projects located on lots that are 10,000 square feet or smaller can expect plans that include location of plant material, patio planning and possible areas for turf instillation. Detailed construction plans are not included for this size of project. Typical donations for these projects are $350.

Large Projects

The larger projects require more design-intensive labor, including slope and drainage issues, irrigation and water features. Detailed construction plans will be created. To acquire student work, these projects must be larger than 10,000 square feet and up to multiple acreage areas. Challenging smaller projects may be included in this category. A $600 donation is preferred for the large design projects.

All donations are used for program development and sending students to a national career fair and competition.

Both opportunities require multiple meetings between the client and student to ensure a successful project outcome. The created plans can be used for clients to personally install landscapes or to be submitted to professional contractors for installation. All proposed plans are professor-reviewed and critiqued.

Students may seek reimbursements for services outside the Fort Collins area and any sort of necessary printed materials.

Those interested in hiring student work should contact Zachary Johnson at, indicating which category of project is needed as well as a detailed description of  project size, new construction or renovation needs, desired elements, address and contact information.

CSU University Communications Staff