International Enrollment Center recognized by Employee Appreciation Board

Members of the center
From left, the members of the center are Lynn Borngrebe, Stene Verhulst, Nate Duggins, Stephanie Beers, Nick Jurney, Victoria Martin

The Employee Appreciation Board recently honored the contributions of Colorado State University’s International Enrollment Center.

The International Enrollment Center has gone above and beyond in recruiting international students. In their first recruitment cycle as a team, in which they are solely responsible for CSU’s international undergraduate recruitment and admissions process, they have broken the all-time record for freshman applications submitted for Fall 2022, after two very difficult years of bringing in international students to CSU during the pandemic.

They have achieved this without traveling at all to recruit – which is their traditional method. They have leveraged new communication strategies, attended every virtual recruitment event imaginable, at all hours of the day and night ,and have been hugely successful.

The previous record for freshman applications was 1,015 for the Fall of 2016, and the center currently has received 1,067 applications, which blew their goal of 826 applications out of the water with two full months of active recruiting to go.