Holistic Care Clinic in Fort Collins supports scholarships for CSU students

Story by Katie Brayden

“Our goal is to guide patients to their full health potential,” says Monique Larson, co-owner of the Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic, Inc. in Fort Collins. “Supporting CSU students interested in the practice of holistic medicine felt like a great way to give back to our community and support the next generation of practitioners.”

Dayna and Monique Larson (left) and Korin Owens (right), the team from the Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic in Fort Collins.

The goal of a new Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic Holistic Care Scholarship created by Larson and her husband Dayna is to support students enrolled in the College of Health and Human Sciences and the College of Business, to attract new talent in both the health-care field and business profession, and to bridge the spirit of health and healing with an entrepreneurial drive in a new age of medicine.

The Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic is a long-standing acupuncture clinic that has been in the Fort Collins community for over 18 years. The building has a rich history of healing, having been used by other medical professionals in the community and once serving as the Fort Collins food co-op.

The clinic is a general family practice that delivers health and wellness to the community through an ancient tradition paired with modern ideas and preventive medicine. It is run by Larson and her husband, Dayna Larson, and it houses other healers who practice with the same intentions. Monique and Dayna look forward to meeting their scholarship recipients and being active in each of their CSU journeys.

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