Garfield County: Britney Moreno – International Studies

Britney Moreno

All64: Every corner of Colorado. CSU connects with every county.

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“There are so many different and diverse people at CSU that you learn something new with every conversation.


During the 2022-23 academic year, we are highlighting one Colorado State University student or alum from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Centennial State’s land grant university has a connection to the diverse lands and people from the counties of Moffat to Baca, Montezuma to Sedgwick and everywhere in between.

Britney Moreno

Major: International Studies, Latin American Studies concentration

Why I chose CSU: I have two older sisters who attended CSU, and I wanted to leave home but still have something familiar near me. My oldest sister let me live with her and bring my cat with me.

My favorite thing about CSU: The squirrels and rabbits on campus! They’re something fun and cute to look at while walking to class.

Clubs/organizations in college: Las Comadres and Pre-Law Club

Scholarships/awards in college: Genevieve Clough Scholarship and Pinnacol Scholarship

Favorite achievement: My favorite achievement was my internship with Senator Michael Bennet’s campaign because I got to learn from a politician and person I really respect. My team was amazing and now I have a network that I can keep building upon.

Career goals: I want to go to law school to become an immigration lawyer or a family lawyer. My end goal is to be an ambassador to Mexico.

Favorite instructor: My favorite instructor has been María del Mar López-Cabrales. I took Women Writers in the Hispanic World with her and we focused on issues women face in the Hispanic world through books, movies, music and art. As a Latina, it reaffirmed my experiences in my community and opened up the conversation on why this has happened over generations and possible solutions to these issues. This was also the last Spanish class I needed to finish my Spanish minor, so it made it even more special.

Who I’d like to thank: My two older sisters. I had a lot of health issues while in college, including emergency surgery, a broken wrist and a broken leg. My sisters were there for all of it. They saw how hard it was for me to attend school while healing each time, but they were always there with ice cream and a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it through college without their support.

Favorite NOCO food and hangouts: I love getting dinner at Moot House and then ice cream at Old Town Churn. My favorite place to visit is the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art on campus, right by the flower fields.

Quirky fact about you: I learned how to reupholster a couch during the pandemic – I was not very good at it.

What do you tell people from Garfield County about CSU: Fort Collins and CSU are much bigger than Garfield County and Coal Ridge. There are so many different and diverse people at CSU that you learn something new with every conversation. And the stores don’t close before 8 p.m.

Something people should know about Garfield County: It covers a very unique part of Colorado through the mountains to the border of Colorado and Utah. Each town that’s part of Garfield County has that small-town vibe that makes it easy to stay.

Favorite CSU tradition: My favorite tradition is when Consuelo’s brings breakfast burritos the week before finals. It’s the perfect pick-me-up at the end of the semester.

Biggest adversity you’ve overcome at CSU: The biggest adversities I’ve overcome at CSU are professors who refused to be accommodating or understanding. However, the school has many resources for resolving conflicts or changing classes if you have an issue with a professor.