The future of Hughes Stadium: public listening session

Full view of field at Hughes stadium

Hughes Stadium is located on Overland Trail, three miles west of campus.

Colorado State University is seeking community input regarding redevelopment of the Hughes Stadium property at a public open house on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 6-8 p.m. at the Drake Centre in Fort Collins. The CSU System has engaged CAA ICON to facilitate the gathering of community feedback to help inform potential developers during the Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals (RFQ/RFP) process expected to begin late 2017 or early 2018. The feedback also will be provided to the CSU System Board of Governors, which owns the land holdings and will make the final decision of what to do with the property.

CSU and CAA ICON are gathering input from a wide range of community stakeholders, including residents of neighborhoods surrounding Hughes, local real estate and development professionals, members of the general public, the City of Fort Collins, Larimer County, and others with an interest in the future of the 160-acre parcel of land. The feedback received so far about the future of the property reflects diverse opinions and competing community values.

Normally, community input on a potential development parcel is not solicited until after development plans are created. However, CSU is asking for community input before any development plans are in place and prior to the RFQ/RFP process to select a developer.

Hughes Listening Session

  • Wednesday, Oct. 18, 6-8 p.m.
  • Drake Centre, 802 W. Drake Road, Fort Collins
  • Free Parking. No RSVP required.

The session will follow an open house format where attendees can ask questions and provide feedback at any of five stations:


Redevelopment Process:  This station will provide information about the intent to annex the property into the City of Fort Collins and the phases of redevelopment planning that begin with the solicitation of community feedback and continue through the selection of a buyer/developer through a Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals process.

Existing Site Context: This station will inform community members about the extent of the property and existing site features. The station will allow community members to provide feedback on the planned demolition of Hughes Stadium and get a better understanding of the existing site features.

Land Use Context: This station will allow community members to provide feedback on potential uses of the land such as residential, commercial, mixed-use, or recreational use and/or open space.

Community Needs and Values: This station will allow community members to provide feedback on community needs and values that impact livability and quality of life such as walkability, multigenerational planning, affordable housing, low-density housing, overall community culture and sustainability.

Traffic, Multimodal Access: This station will allow community members to provide feedback on traffic impacts and flow, and accessibility by various forms of transportation (foot, bike, vehicle and mass transit).

Timing is to be determined, but demolition of Hughes Stadium has been approved by the Board of Governors and will be part of the redevelopment process. The priorities for redevelopment, which will be discussed at the Board of Governors level, include:

  • Select a master developer to present a plan that best serves the collective interests of CSU, Larimer County, and the City of Fort Collins.
  • Include consideration of opportunities for environmentally conscious development principles.
  • Include consideration of opportunities for provision of affordable and workforce housing.
  • Effectively collaborate with the surrounding communities.

For more information or to provide your feedback online, go to