Employee Appreciation Board recognizes Health Network Laboratory, Classroom Support Services

Staff of the Health Network Laboratory

The staff of the CSU Health Network Laboratory

CSU’s Employee Appreciation Board, which recognizes groups that go above and beyond their normal duties, honored Classroom Support Services and the Health Network Laboratory in January.

The Health Network Laboratory was celebrated for its support in processing COVID tests for campus.

“The staff have run thousands of tests, saving hundreds of thousand dollars for the university,” Director of Medical Clinical Services Kathy Waller said. “They have done all of this while also providing the usual routine services of a clinical laboratory for diagnosing and treating students who come to the clinic for care. The laboratory staff at the CSU Health Network are the unsung heroes of CSU’s pandemic response, and they deserve recognition and gratitude for their hard work behind the scenes!”

The laboratory at the CSU Health Network provides high-quality, affordable clinical diagnostic testing for CSU students with orders from medical providers. State-of-the-art equipment is utilized to perform chemistry, hematology and endocrinology. Microbiology (cultures and molecular science) are also performed on site. The lab staff includes nationally certified medical laboratory scientists and nationally certified phlebotomists. The CSU Health Network Laboratory holds a certificate of compliance through CMS/CLIA.

In appreciation of a job well done, the staff received Olive Garden for lunch.

Allen Sneesby and Jeremie Levitt
From left are Allen Sneesby and Jeremie Levitt. Not pictured: Douglas Satterfield

Classroom Support Services

Classroom Support Services was celebrated for all they have done to go above and beyond their normal roles over the past two years. The team has worked with undergraduate, graduate and DVM classrooms to provide the top level of equipment, service, and end user experience.

When CSU transitioned to fully remote learning, this team worked tirelessly with faculty/ instructors to ensure they could still provide the high-quality lectures. They help equipped rooms with Echo 360, which allows the lecture, presentation and video to be recorded automatically at class times. This technology has allowed students a study tool available virtually anytime, anywhere, so they can watch lectures due to missed classes or take detailed notes while reviewing the recording afterward. With a team of only 2.5 FTE responsible for more than 150 general classrooms, this group has done a phenomenal job on not just assisting general classrooms but other units outside the general classrooms as well.

Maddi Funk, instructional design and media specialist in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, nominated this unit and said that anytime she has called on them, “they are always so kind and quick to help, and I truly appreciate it!” Referring to their help with Echo 360 and some audio recording issues the college was having, she said, “They helped us explore some different options, and ultimately changed some equipment so that the audio is better for both our CSU and Alaska vet students! I know that the students greatly appreciate the better audio quality for the recordings!”

Classroom Support Services is responsible for providing the best possible learning environment for our students, by setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting issues. This has allowed students to attend in person, remote, and go back and watch the recordings.

To nominate a campus unit, visit https://csueab.colostate.edu/nominate-a-unit/.