CSUPD’s holiday theft prevention tips

The holiday season is about time spent with family and loved ones, and giving to others. Yet, for thieves, it’s also about looking for every opportunity to take advantage of the busy season. These tips from the CSU Police Department aim to prevent a spoiled celebration.

  • If you’re expecting a package to be delivered at home, have it delivered only when you are there, or have it sent to a trusted neighbor or friend’s house. Observant thieves will follow delivery trucks and steal parcels off of porches and stoops.
  • Don’t turn your back or wander away from your purse or other personal valuables when they are in a shopping cart. Your wallet, cell phone and other treasures can be snatched – even from inside your purse – in a second.
  • Don’t leave shopping bags and gifts unattended in vehicles while you complete your shopping list. One of the most frequently reported holiday-season crimes is the theft of shopping bags out of locked vehicles. Keep them hidden, or have someone stay with them while you complete other errands.
  • Lock your home properly – including all doors and windows, even those in the garage – during the holiday season, particularly when you’re aware from home. Make sure gifts are not visible through windows; they can be enough enticement to break into your home.
  • Only shop online from reputable vendors.
  • Monitor your credit report and credit card and bank account transactions frequently to ensure that your financial information isn’t compromised. Only shop with the payment method you plan to use; leave all other cash, debit and credit cards at home.
  • Report anyone or anything suspicious by calling the police immediately. Don’t wait until after the situation has passed.

CSUPD wishes you a safe holiday season.