CSU Transit Center temporarily closed July 1-23

The CSU Transit Center will be temporarily closed July 1-23.

This closure will affect: Routes 2, 3, 6; the Horn, 7, 10, 19; Poudre Express, Groom Shuttles and the Mishawaka Shuttles. This also prevents buses from exiting the A lane, B lane, C lane, and D lane from the transit center.

The alternate temporary transit center location will be on the west side of the Plum and Meridian intersection. View the map for detailed information.

Parking buses for Routes 2, 3, and 7 face east on the south side of Plum Street before the Meridian intersection. Parking buses for Routes 6, 10, 19, and Poudre Express face west on the north side of Plum Street after the Meridian intersection. The Horn route will be coming from Laurel Street, turning left onto Meridian to Plum and will stop on Meridian south of Plum facing south just after the planters.


More information

For more information, visit the Transfort website at ridetransfort.com or call Hank Elfgren, transit supervisor, at (970) 222-4738 or Clay Tucker, facilities management, at (970) 217-0618.