CSU faculty discuss Ukraine-Russia war

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Over the past several days, Colorado State University faculty have been sharing their thoughts and expertise with the media on the Ukraine-Russia war, focusing on the region’s history as well as the impact of sanctions and social media.

Sanctions on Russia

Peter Harris, an assistant professor of political science at CSU, discusses the sanctions imposed on Russia during an interview with Denver7.


Newsweek: The U.S. cannot deliver a Europe ‘whole and free’ — only Europeans can 

Harris also wrote an opinion piece on Feb. 14 saying: “This is the key reason the United States is of limited usefulness when it comes to the future of European security: even if it is true that President Biden cares deeply about the fate of Ukraine, it is also true that he cares much more about other things — such as avoiding war with Russia and preserving NATO’s freedom of maneuver. In other words, Ukraine matters to U.S. leaders, but not so much that they will do whatever it takes to stop a Russian invasion.”

Ukrainian history

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Yahoo News: CSU professor describes ‘complex’ history of Ukraine

Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager, a CSU professor of communication studies, provides context on the history of Ukraine.

Impact on U.S. economy

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Experts discuss how Russian invasion of Ukraine may or may not impact the U.S. economy

In a previous interview, CSU economics professor Stephan Weiler said a main pipeline in Russia is one reason there’s so much attention on the industry in Europe. “Russia is a huge supplier of gas, and with their Nord Stream pipeline, they have the ability to supply a good chunk of Western Europe with natural gas,” he said.

The war on social media

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Russia-Ukraine conflict plays out via social media video snippets

“With each conflict, there’s always a new media technology that comes along with that new conflict,” said Eric Fattor, a lecturer of international politics and political theory at CSU.

Making sense of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Listen to panelists discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, March 3, at noon. This event is offered through the College of Liberal Arts.