Corbett and Parmelee dining centers evolving

Piatto rendering
Dining Hall Concept
Lobby Concept

The Corbett and Parmelee Dining Centers are undergoing major renovations to combine and modernize the two facilities, a process that will continue through the spring and summer months and open in time for the start of the fall 2018 semester.

Renovations to the Corbett lounge and lobby will also commence in mid-May, after residence hall move-out.

The first phase of the $11.2 million renovation includes the installation of a new fire suppression system in the Parmelee lounge area and conversion of the fire alarm system to digital voice command, which was completed earlier this month.

Corbett and Parmelee halls have had a combined kitchen and individual dining areas for many years, however with this renovation the two will become one as The Foundry. “The kitchen is over 30 years old and will be modernized with a new ‘food hall’ concept, which is a popular design element in contemporary dining,” says Liz Poore, director of CSU residential dining services.

The newly renovated dining center will boast eight distinct micro-restaurants. Each will feature some seating and continue to support the all-you-care-to-eat dining model by allowing students and guests to choose between menu items in all of the venues. Some of the new and unique dining options will include Piatto, featuring Italian street food, and Root, featuring vegan, vegetarian and sustainable menu items.

Decommissioning of the space began on March 2, a week before spring break started. To fill the void left by the closures, two nearby dining centers, Allison Café and Durrell/Durrell Express, are offering expanded service.

The final phase of the project is the renovation of the Corbett lobby/lounge, which will start after finals week in May. The new look will reflect inclusion and diversity in a metaphorical way, through art and furniture choices that the designers selected based on CSU’s Principles of Community. The décor will have a contemporary feel with mid-century modern furniture, while also giving a nod to Corbett’s original 1965 roots.

2018 Corbett/Parmelee renovation timeline

  • March 2 – Corbett and Parmelee space decommissioning began
  • May 12 – Corbett lounge closes
  • Aug. 15 – The Foundry dining center and Corbett lobby/lounge open