Connecting with CSU’s wireless

Written by Katie Banghart

At Academic Computing & Networking Services, we’ve been working hard to improve the wireless experience for all students, faculty, and staff across campus. We are constantly upgrading our equipment to improve speed and installing new access points to increase coverage.

What you need to know about using wireless connections on campus:
• Make sure all your devices are connected to the best network on campus: csu-eid
• Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@CSUWireless) for updates and to get your questions answered.

The fastest, most secure, and reliable wireless network on campus is csu-eid, which is easily logged into using your CSU eID and password. A quick setup tool can also be accessed hereWe understand how critical a reliable, fast network is to successfully functioning on campus for students, faculty and staff. So for the last several years, we’ve increased funding and made it a priority to enhance the csu-eid network all across campus, improving speeds, reliability, and coverage.

It’s important to check the devices you use on campus and make sure they are connected to csu-eid. Many users initially connected to the unsecured csu-guest network and never looked back – resulting in slower speeds, less availability, and most likely a negative opinion of CSU’s Wi-Fi network as a whole.

Always upgrading network

We’re always upgrading buildings across campus as well as adding new places that didn’t have coverage before. This year alone some of our upgrades have included Clark A and C, Morgan Library, Computer Science, and the University Center for the Arts. Newly added coverage on campus is now available at the LSC Transit Center, the Quad between Plant Science and Animal Science, the MAX University Station, and around the Oval.

We’d now like to reach out to the campus community to make sure they are getting the most out of their wireless network. We want to increase our visibility so everyone can be better informed about updates to campus and where to go for assistance. Last fall, we launched Facebook and Twitter pages  to improve communication with ACNS users.

Have suggestions for more locations? Having trouble connecting on campus? Want updates on upgrades and newly added coverage? Join us on Facebook and Twitter (@CSUWireless) and help us to keep improving and meet your needs. For on-campus help, contact the Morgan Library IT Help Desk – (970) 491-7276 or

CSU University Communications Staff