College of Liberal Arts faculty, staff honored at 2017 awards ceremonies

It’s award season time on campus, and the College of Liberal Arts has announced the following awards and honors from Colorado State University, from the College of Liberal Arts, and from other areas around campus. The awards acknowledge the accomplishments and efforts of the outstanding faculty, staff, and volunteers within the College.

“One of the most important things we can do as a community is to join together to recognize the remarkable achievements of our dedicated faculty and staff,” said Dean Ben Withers. “This year we continue this college tradition to honor those whose work stands out in teaching and creative activity as well as in service, outreach and development activities. Our college awards honor the contributions of individuals and in a larger sense, reflect the high quality of achievement that exists across the college.”

Linny Frickman

Campuswide awards and honors

These awards were distributed on April 18 at Celebrate! Colorado State:

Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Recognizes a faculty or staff member whose commitment and passion to support CSU have made a significant impact on the fundraising efforts of the university.

Linny Frickman, Department of Art and Art History, Gregory Allicar Art Museum

Kathleen Galvin

Office of International Programs Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes faculty or staff who have made a significant impact campus-wide on internationalization efforts of Colorado State University.

Kathleen Galvin, Department of Anthropology

Jack E. Cermak Advising Award
Honors excellence in academic advising, including recognition by students and peers as an outstanding advisor.

Sue Doe

Sue Doe, Department of English

Awards and honors from the College

These awards were distributed on April 11 at the Spring Faculty and Staff Awards Celebration

John N. Stern Distinguished Professor Award

Recognizes faculty who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments in all aspects of their professional responsibilities over an extended period of time.

Kathleen Galvin, Department of Anthropology
Bruce Ronda, Department of English

Ann Gill Excellence in Teaching Awards

Recognizes faculty members who are instrumental in students becoming life-long learners, critical and creative thinkers, outstanding communicators and performers, and engaged and caring citizens of their various communities. CSU alumnus Dennis Repp established this award, naming it in honor of Dean Ann Gill for her personal excellence in teaching and her support of the College’s teaching mission.

Robert Jordan, Department of History
Jared Orsi, Department of History

Robert Jordan, right, with Michael Carolan

Excellence in Teaching Awards

Recognizes one outstanding teacher in each of the following categories: Tenured Faculty, Tenure-Track Faculty, Special & Temporary Faculty, Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Blythe LaGasse, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Zach Hutchins, Department of English
Kimberly Nichols, Department of Anthropology
Kylan Rice, Department of English

Outstanding Service Award

Recognizes a member of the College who has gone beyond typical expectations to make outstanding service contributions to the University and to off-campus communities, demonstrating extraordinary leadership and professional service.

Stephen Mumme, Department of Political Science

Distinction in Outreach Award

Recognizes a member of the College who has made outstanding outreach efforts, engaging the College’s academic mission of research, creativity, teaching, and service outside the University.

Scott Diffrient, Department of Communication Studies

Zach Hutchins, right, with Dean Ben Withers

Distinction in Advancement Award

Recognizes a member of the College who has made outstanding contributions toward strengthening the College by enhancing its image, supporting fundraising efforts, and creating sustaining relationships among the College’s many constituencies.

Dan Goble, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Distinction in Curricular Innovation Award

Recognizes faculty innovations in areas including but not limited to program development, instructional methods, service-learning, and technology integration.

Courtenay Biser-Suarez, Gretchen O’Dell, and Frankie Wilcox, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Presented for the first time this year in recognition of a volunteer who has made outstanding contributions to the fundraising efforts of the College.

Linda Cates, Liberal Arts Development Council

Faculty Development Award

Provides support for outstanding research and/or creative activity, and is funded by participants in the Great Conversations Speaker Series.

Bruce Ronda

Tony Becker, Department of English
Karina Cespedes, Department of Ethnic Studies
Jason Frazier, Department of Art and Art History
Peter Harris, Department of Political Science
Eric Hollenbeck, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Cher Li, Department of Economics
Stephanie Malin, Department of Sociology
Josh Sbicca, Department of Sociology

Staff Awards

Given for outstanding contributions and achievements

Administrative Professional Award

Jessie Stewart, CLA Advising Center

State Classified Award

Sheila Dargon, English

Interdisciplinary Awards and Honors

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University has selected four Global Challenges Research Teams and six faculty Research Fellows from a competitive field of proposals. The awards are intended to encourage interdisciplinary understanding of complex global environmental issues, foster collaborative cross-campus partnerships, and support sustainability research at CSU.

Dan Beachy-Quick

Crisis and Creativity. This team represents a unique, trans-disciplinary collaboration between the natural sciences and the humanities that will address the increasing threat that species loss poses to global environmental sustainability. The team will develop a multimedia exhibition of art and nested educational outreach activities to translate the current biodiversity crisis through visual, audio and textual installation for the public at large.

Principal Investigators: Edward K. Hall, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory; Dan Beachy-Quick and Cedar Brant, Department of English; and Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship; Stewart W. Breck, USDA APHIS-National Wildlife Research Center; Christopher Schell, Department of Biology; and Felicia Zamora, Continuing Education.

Six Resident Fellows will also receive support from the School to advance studies in global environmental sustainability:

Sophie Esch, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Esch’s fellowship plan is to explore the link between wildlife and drug trafficking in Latin American culture. She plans to work toward a book project about the ecological, political, and aesthetic implications of three major commodities that flow from and to Latin America: drugs, arms, and animals. Additionally, she plans to organize a colloquium on contraband and biodiversity in fall 2017.

Sophie Esch

Kenneth Shockley, Department of Philosophy. Shockley will investigate the connections between the reasons that move us as individuals and those that we use to justify policy decisions to one another, and how these connections shape our response to environmental problems.

Team Research Award

The College of Agricultural Sciences recently gave its Team Research Award to the Food Systems Team, an interdisciplinary group of scholars from five departments spread across three colleges at CSU. Michael Carolan, associate dean for research for the College of Liberal Arts, is part of the Food Systems Team and received the award on April 26. The Team Research Award is granted to a group who has conducted research recognized nationally or internationally that demonstrates a record of collaborative, interdisciplinary research and scholarly activities that has contributed to the advancement of science and achieved a positive impact on end users. Their work has been cited with a number of awards, including the USDA Abraham Lincoln Award, the Western Extension Director Awards for Colorado Building Farmers, and the Richardson-Applebaum Award. This group’s activity has brought in more than $1 million in grants.