Campus offers electric vehicle charging

Colorado State University now offers 10 electric vehicle chargers at five on-campus stations.

These charging stations allow faculty and staff to use an eco-friendly means of alternative transportation right on campus.


  • Between Durward Hall and Laurel Village, along Laurel Streetelectric_vehicle charger
  • Between Scott Bioengineering and Rockwell West
  • At University Services Center on Laurel and Meldrum streets
  • At Powerhouse Energy Campus at 430 N. College Ave.
  • At Facilities Services South parking lot on Lake Street and East Drive.

Electric vehicles enhance sustainability efforts at Colorado State by offering an inexpensive and clean way to get around town, and also usher in a new era of sustainable transportation that will continue for generations to come.

These free charging stations are available to all employees. The university is also planning to expand the number of stations and was chosen to receive four electric vehicles that employee may check out for in-town transit needs.

Charging station policies:

  • Use of the chargers is free.
  • All electric vehicles must be registered to a parking permit to park on campus.
  • To park in a designated electric vehicle space or to charge on campus, all users must register their campus parking permit as an electric vehicle permit.
  • To register the vehicle as an electric vehicle, visit Parking and Transportation Services at the Lake Street Garage, first floor office.
  • All electric vehicles must have a visible electric vehicle designation sticker from state of Colorado.
  • Out-of-state vehicle? Come to the Parking and Transportation Services office to receive your electric vehicle sticker.
  • Chargepoint chargers require a Chargepoint card. Parking and Transportation Services will outline details regarding your specific vehicle when you come in to register your electric vehicle permit.

In addition to providing clean and sustainable transportation, state and federal tax credits help make buying an electric vehicle an even smarter choice. In addition to a federal tax credit of $7,500, Colorado residents can claim an additional state credit of up to $6,000 when they buy an electric vehicle. Together, these incentives significantly reduce the cost of buying an electric vehicle – more than 40 percent in some cases. Purchasing a vehicle at the end of the calendar year helps to provide a quick turnaround to receive tax credits for 2014.

If you are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle or have one currently that you would like to bring to campus, fill out this survey  to help determine future demand for electric vehicle charging stations on campus.