CSU joins electric vehicle challenge

Colorado State University has made the pledge to support electric vehicle use among faculty, staff, students and visitors. The university recently joined the Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge. “Electric vehicles enhance sustainability efforts at Colorado State by offering an inexpensive and clean way to get around town,” said Aaron Fodge, alternative transportation manager for the university. “They also support the university’s commitment to sustainability and alternative transportation.” Drive Elective Northern Colorado, a group of collaborative companies and organizations across the area, is sponsoring a workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 15, to help local businesses learn about workplace electric vehicle charging and ways they can encourage and use electric vehicles. The workshop, to be held at CSU, will include representatives from workplaces currently offering workplace charging to discuss their experiences. Drive Electric is a partnership among Colorado State University, Fort Collins and Loveland. As part of its commitment to supporting electric vehicle use, the university also has installed 14 charge stations in 7 locations across campus. Charge stations as in part supported by grants from the Colorado Energy Office. These charging stations allow faculty and staff to use an eco-friendly means of alternative transportation right on campus. Locations:

  • Between Durward Hall and Laurel Village, along Laurel Street
  • Between Scott Bioengineering and Rockwell West
  • At University Services Center on Laurel and Meldrum streets
  • At Powerhouse Energy Campus at 430 N. College Ave.
  • At Facilities Services South parking lot on Lake Street and East Drive.
  • In the Lake Street Garage, first level, northeast corner.
These free charging stations are available to all employees, students and visitors with a valid annual, daily or hourly parking permit. Electric vehicle charging station policies
  • Use of the chargers is free. A valid CSU parking permit is required for all users, including a daily or hourly permit for visitors.
  • All electric vehicles must be registered to a parking permit to park on campus.
  • To park in a designated electric vehicle space or to charge on campus, all users must register their campus parking permit as an electric vehicle permit.
  • To register the vehicle as an electric vehicle, visit Parking and Transportation Services at the Lake Street Garage, first floor office.
  • All electric vehicles must have a visible electric vehicle designation sticker from state of Colorado.
  • Out-of-state vehicle? Come to the Parking and Transportation Services office to receive your electric vehicle sticker.
  • Chargepoint chargers require a Chargepoint card. Parking and Transportation Services will outline details regarding your specific vehicle when you come in to register your electric vehicle permit.

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Test drive electric vehicle

Drive Electric Northern Colorado, CSU Parking and Transportation Services, and local dealerships are offering an innovative chance for CSU staff and faculty to get behind the wheel of plug-in electric vehicles to learn about the cost savings, environmental benefits, and national security benefits of driving electric. the event, from 11 a.m.-2p.m., Wednesday, January 14, will be on University Avenue in front of the Plant Sciences building. Drive Electric Northern Colorado, a partnership of Colorado State University and the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, is a first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at achieving widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in the Northern Colorado region. The chance to test drive an electric vehicle through the partnership's Ride-and-Drive program is free to all CSU faculty and staff. The Ride-and-Drive event combines the opportunity for CSU faculty and staff to learn about how plug in electric vehicles s are cleaner, greener, cheaper, and fun to drive while putting them behind the wheel of today’s latest vehicle technology. “CSU strongly supports our campus community driving electric vehicles and we’ve installed 10 charging points on campus to date. As one of the country’s leading green universities, we care about doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support innovative technology in electriv vehicles,” said Amy Parsons, vice president for Operations, after test driving a Chevy Volt. Up to eight electric vehicle models will be available to test drive, and may include the Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford C-Max Electric, and the Tesla Model S. At this event, current electric vehilcle owners will ride with each driver to explain the vehicle and about their experience owning an electric vehicle. Drive Electric staff will be present at the event to help attendees learn about federal and state tax credits (up to $13,500) available for purchasing or leasing an electric vehile, and how using electricity instead of gasoline can save consumers thousands of dollars in yearly operating costs. CSU now has 10 charging stations throughout campus where, as a faculty or staff member, you can charge daily for free.    

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