Water For People CEO to speak at CSU World Water Day celebration

Water from a global perspective and its links to local issues in Colorado is the focus of an upcoming presentation by Eleanor Allen, CEO for Water For People. Allen’s talk – “Keeping Water Flowing for Generations to Come” – will be held at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, March 22, in the Lory Student Center Theater. Her address is part of the second annual Dr. Norm Evans Endowed Lecture Series, and is held in conjunction with CSU Hydrology Days and World Water Day.

While water is a global issue, it is also a local issue, and Allen will focus on how countries around the world are building their water infrastructure and utilities so that water continues to flow for future generations. Many of the best practices developed and refined by water professionals here in Colorado and throughout the U.S. are being replicated overseas.

Furthermore, many countries are integrating water resources management in the early stages of water development programs, and are using more innovative and sustainable practices. This is especially critical in today’s world to help promote sustainable development, which leads to stability and economic productivity.

‘Water diplomats’

“As water professionals, we can play a unique role globally being water diplomats,” said Allen. “Water is a global currency. We can be the champions for change by providing solutions to pressing global issues. Doing this promotes trust and transparency while creating goodwill and social progress.”

Water For People works in nine countries throughout Africa, Latin America and India. The Denver-based nonprofit is recognized as an innovative leader in water, sanitation and hygiene through its approach to development, which brings together local entrepreneurs, communities, governments and technology to create high-quality, reliable and lasting water and sanitation services.

“World Water Day is a time to think bigger than ourselves and appreciate our most precious resource, water,” Allen said. “We need to remember that billions of people still don’t have access to water. It’s time to solve the global water crisis once and for all.”

Allen has also served as global director of water at Arcadis and the Latin American director of water at CH2M. She is a professional civil engineer and board-certified environmental engineer.

Meeting with faculty, touring Powerhouse

Prior to her address, Allen will be meeting with several key water faculty members and university administrators. In all, CSU is home to more than 200 faculty members from various departments across campus who are involved in interdisciplinary research and the promotion of current water-related research, education and engagement. Allen will also tour the Engineering Research Center and the Powerhouse Energy Campus, home to the CSU Energy Institute and its 12 affiliated research centers.

“CSU students will particularly benefit from this opportunity by learning firsthand how international water development is advanced through non-governmental organizations,” said Julie Kallenberger, water education and outreach specialist for the CSU Water Center and Colorado Water Institute.

The evening event is free and open to the public. A reception with refreshments will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Lory Student Center Theater with Allen’s presentation to follow at 6:15 p.m. The event is supported by the Colorado Water Institute, a unit of the Office of Engagement, and the CSU Water Center.

Hydrology Days celebrations

CSU Hydrology Days will be held March 20-22 in the Grey Rock room at the Lory Student Center. Hydrology Days, held on the CSU campus since 1981, brings together scientists, professionals and students involved in basic and applied research on all aspects of water to share ideas, problems and solutions. Topics for this year’s event include irrigation water, climate, water quality, eco-hydrology, groundwater, river mechanics and many others. The program agenda and registration details are available at http://hydrologydays.colostate.edu/.