Wanted: Phones going to the last roundup

Have you seen one of these phones on a desk on campus?

Desk telephone

If so, the Telecommunications Department needs to know about it immediately. Telecom staff is in the final stages of decommissioning this equipment, and needs your help to locate any stragglers that may still be in service so they can be retired or upgraded to the new Polycom VoIP system.

“We’ve been in the process of replacing the phone system on campus for over seven years, and are now hunting down the last 300 old phones – out of the original 12,000 – before we shut the old system down at the end of March,” explained Dave Hoffman, project manager with ACNS/ Telecommunications. “We are trying our best to make sure we don’t disconnect a phone that someone still needs.”

As part of the hunt, Telecom has been reaching out to building proctors, telecom coordinators for departments, and even sending technicians out to buildings to follow the physical wires to track down the elusive Aastra equipment.

“By the end of January, we will have turned off the three remote switches, at University Village and on the Foothills Campus,” Hoffman said. “We want to finalize the phone roundup by the end of February before we shut down the switch on the main campus.”

So, if you see an old phone, contact Telecom at 491-5881 before it’s too late.