Want to get involved? There’s a student advisor at SLiCE who can help

CSU students who want to get more active on campus and in the community may not know where to turn. After all, there is information on volunteer opportunities from more than 500 organizations on RamLink.

An involvement advisor is available to help.

SLiCE involvement advisorsThe Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement office created the involvement advisor position a couple of years ago to help students narrow down their choices and link them to opportunities that are a good fit for their interests and skills.

“It can be pretty overwhelming,” says Andrew Vanden Broake, an involvement advisor in the SLiCE office. “We try to take that 500 number down to five or 10.”

The process

The four advisors have students fill out a form about themselves and what they are looking for before meeting with them in person, so that the advisors can have some preliminary options lined up when the students arrive for their 30-minute appointment. The advisors help students create an action plan for themselves, then follow up three or four weeks later to check in and offer support.

“The involvement advisors are very excited to share CSU opportunities with other students, and we really want to convey that through our one-on-one meetings with students,” Vanden Broake said.

Whether it’s Alternative Breaks, Cans Around the Oval or CSUnity, SLiCE offers a wide variety of programs to help students enrich their academic and social experience at CSU.

In addition to providing the involvement advisors, SLiCE hosts an Involvement Expo on the Lory Student Center Plaza every September and periodically has a table at the LSC Flea Market.

For more information, visit the SLiCE website at http://slice.colostate.edu/.