University Withdrawal tuition assessment to change Spring Semester 2017

Students who need to withdraw from the University may have many reasons ranging from a medical condition, a personal or family crisis, to experiencing financial or academic difficulty.

During the Spring Semester of 2017, CSU is implementing a new tuition assessment policy for students opting to withdraw from the University. There is no change to the process of University Withdrawal, which is initiated by the student on RAMWeb, or to the appeals process, just a change to tuition assessment. The University will no longer assess tuition during the first week of classes.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details.

“We feel strongly about not charging students any tuition for withdrawal during the first week of classes,” said Robin Brown, vice president for Enrollment and Access. “We recognize that the transition to campus during that first week of classes is challenging, and depending on a student’s personal or family circumstances, may result in a different decision by the student. At CSU, it is our goal to help the student return to the University when they are able to, so we greatly encourage students who are considering withdrawing from the University to talk with an advisor from the Center for Advising and Student Achievement to discuss options and important information about the withdrawal process.”

The change in tuition assessment for a University Withdrawal follows:

Week 1 – 0 percent assessment, including all tuition and fees, course fee refunds are at the discretion of academic departments

Week 2 – 25 percent assessment

Week 3 – 50 percent assessment

Week 4 – 100 percent assessment

Questions Frequently Asked by Students

When may I withdraw from the University and what are the costs?

You may withdraw from the University at any time through the last week of the semester, not including finals week. If you cancel your registration on RAMweb before the first day of the semester, you will have no academic record or tuition and fee assessment.  If you withdraw on the first day of the fall or spring semester you will follow the tuition and fee assessment policies at A University Withdrawal (withdrawing from all courses to be at zero credits for a term) is different from an individual course withdrawal (withdrawing from only one course while having at least one other credit for a term). You may withdraw from an individual course without ramifications during certain dates only. For more information on course withdrawals, also refer to the website listed above.

How do I withdraw from the University?

On RAMweb, under Registration, select the University Withdrawal option. The University Withdrawal page includes information about all aspects of withdrawing and provides resources and contacts for any questions you may have.

If I experience a traumatic health or life event during the semester is there a way to request a break in the tuition assessment?

All university withdrawals begin using RAMweb (see above) and students who experience a traumatic life event have the option to request a tuition reassessment. Please contact the Center for Advising and Student Achievement for more information at 970-491-7095.

If I withdraw from the University how long do I have before I need to vacate the Residence Halls? What are the costs?

Housing and dining charges are subject to your housing contract and/or lease you have with Housing & Dining Services. If you reside in a residence hall, please work with the front desk of your residence hall to vacate properly and within 72 hours after withdrawal.  If you reside in University apartments, your lease requires 60-day notice to vacate.  Contact the Apartment Life office or Community office to complete the Notice of Intent to Vacate.

May I take a semester off and return to CSU? What is the process for returning?

Yes. If you have not been dismissed, you have two options: If you are planning ahead, you may request a Planned Leave through RAMweb. This option entitles you to take a semester off (one-time option only), while being able to register for the next semester in a timely manner.  Visit  If you are not sure about returning, you may easily submit an online Intent to Return, visit ( for more information.  If you have been dismissed, please refer to the same site to learn about the standards to return.

Graduate students will need to fill out the GS1B Graduate Application for Readmission form found on the Graduate School website at There is a non-refundable fee of $150.00.

May I access CSU resources while I am not attending?

While services are provided for fee paying students only, you may always contact your academic success coordinator or advisor with questions about academics such as planning for returning, graduation requirements, transferring courses, etc.

What happens if I take community college courses and want to transfer them back to CSU?

Community College can be a good option for many students. Please work with your academic success coordinator or advisor to discuss your plans and check with to determine how the courses will transfer to CSU. Additional information can be found at Note that while you may gain credit towards graduation, transfer credits are not calculated into the CSU GPA.

What will happen to my financial aid if I withdraw from the University?

If you received a financial aid disbursement for the semester, Federal, State, and Institutional guidelines require that the University determine the amount of financial aid you have earned, relative to the length of time you were enrolled prior to initiating a University Withdrawal.  A withdrawal may require an immediate return of financial aid funds in excess of the earned financial aid.  If you received a financial aid refund from your University student account, you will have to repay any funds that are in excess of the earned financial aid.  More information regarding the impacts of a University Withdrawal on financial aid eligibility can be found at

What will happen to my financial aid if I leave during the semester without formally completing a University Withdrawal?

If you leave the University during the semester without officially withdrawing, we are required to verify the last date of attendance and you may have to repay up to 100% of the financial aid you received for that semester.  It is important to officially withdraw from the University if you do not plan to continue your studies for the semester.

For questions or more information, contact the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) at 970- 491-7095.