Studies on the high sea: Q&A with Semester at Sea participant Steve Salter

Steve Salter is a transfer student studying nutrition and food science at CSU. He recently studied abroad with Semester at Sea. Here’s what he had to say about the experience.

1. Why did you decide to do Semester at Sea?

I chose to do Semester at Sea because of the opportunity to travel and gain cultural knowledge and experience from a variety of nations around the world.

2. What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was playing soccer and spending time with kids on the street in Myanmar. Myanmar is such a relatively unknown country for many, and having the opportunity to interact with the local people was such a humbling experience. I play soccer for CSU, and when I got the chance to play in Myanmar with some local kids, it was probably the most fun I had on the voyage.

Steve in Myanmar   steve salter

3. What do you hope to learn from the experience and how will it help your future career?

Semester at Sea helped me gain knowledge and a new perspective of what life is like in developing countries and other areas around the world. I plan to join the Peace Corps after college, and it prepared me for that. The challenge of spending so much time abroad and living alongside the people, yet doing it for a good cause and helping others in the process, is what interests me most.

My hope is to be in Madagascar or in western Africa, and in general just be helpful to the local people out there in any way I can. I’m majoring in nutrition and would like to incorporate that knowledge in the community in some way.