SoGES sixth annual Open House

SoGES logoThe School of Global Environmental Sustainability will celebrate the academic year of sustainability research, teaching and engagement with an Open House, Friday, May 6, 3-5 p.m., in 108 Johnson Hall on the southeast end of the Oval. All of campus is welcome.

The accomplishments of the 2015-2016 Global Challenges Research Teams and Resident Faculty Fellows will be highlighted. Research Teams cultivate new interdisciplinary partnerships of CSU faculty who are funded with small grants to focus on innovative sustainability research. Resident Fellows are individual CSU faculty who are able to accelerate their scholarly contributions to sustainability by receiving a Fellowship. Team and Fellow research topics span a wide range of global issues including environmental governance, justice, food, water, energy, built environment, climate change, biodiversity, and more.

Take this opportunity to network with them and the School’s partners, Sustainability Leadership Fellows, Visiting Fellows, leadership and staff. Learn more.

About the School

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability is at the core of a growing number of exciting sustainability initiatives in research and education at Colorado State University. SoGES serves as a hub to connect CSU’s community of scholars and practitioners interested in applying interdisciplinary perspectives to large-scale environmental, economic, and social questions not easily addressed through traditional approaches.

The School was uniquely designed to reach across disciplines and colleges to forge new alliances and advance greater understanding of the challenges to achieving sustainability faced by our nation and global community. SoGES is meeting this challenge and continues to strengthen CSU’s reputation of being at the forefront of addressing the world’s sustainability issues through research, education, and outreach.