Register for the July 24 Western Water Symposium and Barbecue

Jennifer Gimbel Senior Research Scientist, Colorado State University
Jennifer Gimbel

At the 2017 Western Water Symposium and Barbecue, Colorado State University Libraries will be hosting conversations that make waves about new innovations surrounding water law, policy and technology, while benefiting its Water Resources Archive, an irreplaceable collection of historical documents pertaining to water in Colorado.

Justice Gregory J. Hobbs Jr. Senior Water Judge and University of Denver Law School Faculty
Gregory J. Hobbs Jr.

Jennifer Gimbel, Gregory J. Hobbs Jr., John Stulp, Jennifer Pitt and Patrick O’Toole are scheduled to speak at this year’s Western Water Symposium and Barbecue on Monday, July 24, at CSU’s Morgan Library. These renowned experts will share their knowledge and lead important conversations  on the theme of water optimism and innovation.

The speakers

CSU Senior Water Policy Scholar Gimbel will emcee the program.

John Stulp Special Policy Adviser to the Governor for Water and Interbasin Compact Committee Director
John Stulp

Hobbs, author of The Public’s Water Resource, Articles on Water Law, History, and Culture, will share his 20 years of experiences as a Colorado Supreme Court Justice and discuss historical water developments in the Cache la Poudre River Basin. His talk is titled, “The Poudre River’s Heritage: Turn Back or Move Forward?”

Jennifer Pitt Colorado River Program Director, National Audubon Society
Jennifer Pitt

Stulp, special policy advisor to the governor for water and director of the Interbasin Compact Committee, will discuss “Water’s Innovative Future,” covering statewide innovations and the collaborative efforts required to achieve them.

Following the barbecue lunch, the National Audubon Society’s Colorado River Program Director Pitt, who has worked to protect and restore Colorado rivers, will share her exceptional experiences surrounding management approaches for the Colorado River in “We’re All in It Together: Crafting Colorado River Management for the 21st Century.”

Patrick O'Toole, President, Family Farm Alliance
Patrick O’Toole

O’Toole, president of the Family Farm Alliance, will tackle a broader perspective and outlook on water innovation and optimism in a national context. His talk is titled, “What’s Old is New, What’s New is Old.”

A special panel of innovators will follow the symposium with their unique perspectives, and a tour of the Water Resources Archive will conclude the day. A reception immediately follows. The event begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 6 p.m.

The cost to attend is $100 and includes the symposium, reception, and lunch; student admission is $50. All proceeds benefit the Water Resources Archive.

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