Q&A with Aines Castro Prieto

Dr. Aines Castro Prieto

Name: Dr. Aines Castro Prieto

Title/role at CSU: Colorado State University Todos Santos Center Director

How long have you lived in Baja California Sur?

I came to Baja California Sur for the first time in 2004. I have lived here eight years in different periods of my life. I left the country for five years perusing graduate studies abroad and came back to Baja California Sur five years ago to settle with my family.

What does your work involve at the Center?

My work at the Center involves the Center’s development, outreach in Baja California Sur and program management. Additionally, I am encouraged to collaborate with CSU faculty in research and other educational activities directly related to the Center.

What have you learned from working at the Center?

Collaborating with the CSU Todos Santos Center during the last couple of years has given me the opportunity to discover, develop and grow professionally beyond a typical research scientist career.

What would you want people to know about the CSU involvement in Todos Santos?

The role of CSU Todos Santos Center as a hub for education, cultural exchange and community engagement is unique. This blend is leading to many opportunities that benefit both the local and regional communities of Baja California Sur and the CSU community.

What is your favorite thing about this Todos Santos community?

Todos Santos community is very special. The local people feel proud of their roots and town. I like the diversity of the Todos Santos community, the way different cultures merge and flow on a daily basis. People are friendly and kind.

What is your background?

I am a biologist by training with a background in Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation genomics. I have been engaged in research and academia for many years. In general, my research has focused on assessing the evolutionary potential of wildlife populations to changing environments in different contexts.

Why are you excited about this opportunity?

I am excited about co-creating bridges across borders through education and science, raising mindful awareness and understanding through guided experiential learning, and the positive impact these may have in the local and regional communities of Baja California Sur as well as the CSU community.