q-bio Summer School comes to CSU

At q-bio Summer School, junior investigators have the opportunity to add to their research toolbox through talks, poster sessions and the Fort Collins Computational and System Biology Symposium on July 21.

The q-bio Summer School (qbSS) is a valuable resource for investigators who want to fill their research toolbox with advanced methods for modeling cellular regulatory systems, and it’s now available at Colorado State University.

qbSS is a 2.5-week, NIH-funded international program that is intended to advance predictive modeling of cellular regulatory systems and to advance the careers of junior investigators who wish to work at the interface of biology, mathematics/statistics, and the physical sciences.

The program was originally developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and has run annually since 2007 in New Mexico, California (2011-) and now in Colorado (2015-). At each qbSS campus, an international group of graduate students, postdocs and senior scientists are introduced to a number of statistical tools, mathematical tools, and computational tools for modeling cellular regulatory systems.

The 2015 CSU program offers an organized series of about 25 invited seminar talks, two dozen in-depth lectures, 24 contributed talks from students, two poster sessions, and mentored projects for individual students and small groups. Participants represent 40 different universities from 10 different countries.

The main themes of the 2015 program are stochastic gene regulation, cancer dynamics, and complex biological kinetics.

The program for the 2015 q-bio Summer school is listed online.


Front Range Computational and System Biology 2015 Symposium: The Front Range Computational and System Biology 2015 Symposium will take place on the CSU campus July 21. The program includes speakers from Stanford, CU Denver, CU Boulder, and CSU. This is a free event, and there is the opportunity to present posters in all areas of computational/systems biology.  Full details are available on the symposium webpage.

q-bio list-serve and wiki:  Interested researchers are welcome to join the q-bio list-serve and wiki for up-to-date information on quantitative biology seminars and programs happening on the CSU Fort Collins Campus. To join the q-bio list serve, interested scientists should e-mail Brian Munsky at munsky@engr.colostate.edu.