Outstanding Graduates
Fall 2019

published Dec. 16, 2019

Congratulations to every one of the more than 2,100 graduates who will receive their diplomas Dec. 20-21. Meet just a few of the outstanding students who have earned their degrees at Colorado State University. #RamGrads

College of Agricultural Sciences

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Elaine Calaba

“It was a great combination of feeling useful and also having a great time knowing that you’re doing great work.”

College of Business

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Michael Somers

“We want to provide a transportation alternative in these communities, because they’re pretty car-dependent. We’re trying to show people that this is a way they can replace their second car.”

College of Health and Human Sciences

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HHS Jose Martinez

“I never thought I would make it, but my peers and professors were supportive, coaching me and mentoring me to pursue my goals with the veteran community.”

College of Liberal Arts

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CSU Shayne Weber

“Philosophy has always been about approaching new ideas and current problems with an open mind, and really trying to do our best in finding ways to create creative and beneficial solutions for everyone.”

College of Natural Sciences

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Faviola Robles-Saenz

“I remember getting here and being so grateful, for everything – the buildings, the resources, even the furniture. For first-generation students, it really is because of you that you’ve gotten to this place, and you deserve to soak it in.”

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science

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Jason and Will Powell

“We push each other in everything we do. It makes you work harder in our classes and with ROTC because at the end of the day either you get to brag, or you have to listen to him brag.”

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

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Caley Dallman

“I spent most of my life thinking I wanted to be a teacher but learned that engineering, especially civil, could provide a fulfilling career. I could help people by improving infrastructure.”

Warner College of Natural Resources

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Griselda Landa-Posas_

“I realized I’m a lot stronger [than I thought], since it was months of so much pain, combined with uncertainty about my future. Now, I feel so grateful. There was this moment where I thought I would never be able to do fieldwork and carry a heavy pack again.”

Xavier Hadley

Xavier Hadley, who is graduating from CSU with a double major in creative writing and ethnic studies, is the winner of the annual Black African American Cultural Center’s spoken word competition. read more

CSU Graduation

Colorado State University expects to confer degrees on more than 2,100 graduates from 167 majors during fall 2019 commencement ceremonies Dec. 20-21. read more