Office of Ombuds at CSU celebrates Ombuds Day Oct. 8

Ombuds day graphic

Confidential. Impartial. Informal. Independent.

In the spirit of Ombuds Day, Oct. 8, the Colorado State University Office of the Ombuds would like to remind University employees of the confidential resource available for those navigating conflicts or concerns in the workplace.

What we do

•  Listen to issues and concerns
•  Help identify a range of options for solving problems
•  Answer questions or make appropriate referrals
•  Offer information about CSU policies and procedures
•  Facilitate communication between people
•  Informally mediate disputes
•  Offer coaching to prepare for difficult conversations

We do not

•  Participate in formal grievance processes, conduct investigations or make administrative decisions
•  Offer legal advice or psychological counseling
•  Have the same reporting obligations as other employees related to sexual harassment or sexual misconduct

Sign up for the Conflict Dynamics Profile

To increase self-awareness and improve conflict management skills, the Ombuds is offering a new resource called the Conflict Dynamics Profile, an assessment instrument measuring conflict behaviors. Working from a framework that conflict is inevitable, the assessment shows participants how harmful responses can be avoided and beneficial responses can be learned.

Individuals can take a deeper dive in understanding how they respond to conflict, what triggers can escalate conflict, and how to manage conflict more effectively. By completing the assessment and participating in 1:1 conflict coaching with the Ombuds, employees gain new constructive tools to identify their hot buttons and participate in behavioral responses to successfully manage conflict situations.

There is no cost associated with completing the assessment and the results remain confidential, but a limited number of assessments are available.

To schedule an appointment, contact Melissa Emerson, University Ombuds,  (970) 491-1527,
or Kathy Rickard, Ph.D., Faculty Ombuds, (970) 491-5121,

For more information. visit the Ombuds website.