New email listservs simplify connecting with CSU colleagues

email iconThe central Colorado State University listservs have been updated to simplify the process for sending emails about official CSU business to employees.

The previous GenFac email distribution list is no longer available. This list included both academic faculty and administrative professionals, but its title created confusion among people who understandably assumed it was just targeted to faculty.

To email academic faculty now, use the AcadFac email distribution list (, which includes all faculty including non-tenure-track appointments. To email non-faculty administrative professional employees, use the AdminPro email distribution list ( To reach both groups with the same message, you may now send email to both the AcadFac and AdminPro email distribution lists together.

The DeptSect distribution list, which includes departmental administrative assistants, has been renamed DeptAdmin ( State classified employees are at

Faculty and staff email lists are available for communicating with specific groups of employees about official university business only. The lists are moderated and their use is restricted per university policy.

General information about using the lists

• All faculty and staff may submit messages to the lists.
• Messages submitted to the lists are moderated for content per university policy; however, the sender is responsible for accuracy of the information submitted (dates, times, phone numbers, grammar, and punctuation).
• Content must be specific to the selected audience and generally relevant to members of the selected audience.
• Messages must be about official university business and serve a business purpose.
• The lists may not be used to distribute newsletters or to promote events, which should be done through SOURCE.
• Messages generally should be sent to only one list. Under some circumstances, the moderator may grant permission to send to more than one list based on the content of the message, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis. Listservs may not be used to email all CSU employees.