Mystery, history behind our oldest buildings

Some of the remains of Old Main, burned down in 1970, are still located on campus.
Some of the remains of Old Main, which burned down in 1970, were recovered and are still located on campus.

Stories behind the University’s first buildings

In the span of Colorado State University’s 144 years (since its beginning as an agricultural college), buildings have come and gone. Two that have particularly interesting histories are:

The Claim Building, the very first structure on campus, serving the purpose of laying claim to the land appropriated to the college. The stones for the foundation of this building were delivered by oxen. The 16 X 24 foot red brick building was first used to store farm tools and wheat, but was later occupied by the first president of the college, Elijah Evan Edwards.

Old Main, or the main campus building, began without sufficient funds for its completion. Numerous and alarming problems were discovered after its occupancy, such as the lightning rod which was found to have been improperly connected and was conducting electrical charges into the building itself!

Mystery Tours reveal rich histories

The Mystery of CSU History Tours take you on a stroll through campus that allows you to visit some of our oldest remaining buildings. Knowledgeable tour guides will tell you about the buildings’ rich histories and famous stories.Tours are sponsored by Colorado State University’s RamTrax in the Division of External Relations.