Look who’s outstanding!

Facilities supervisors
Front, left to right: Jyenna Baeza, Teresa Salazar, Leanna Bartholomew, Bea Schaulin, Anthony Martinez; Back, left to right: Mark Williams, Mike Rodriguez, Francisco Estaban, Janet Vigil, Paul Connely, Zach Ortiz, Sharon Hayes, Richard Adzgowski, Joan Paulson, Debra Sell, Jeff Sutton

Committed to communication

Inspiring, that’s what Facilities Management Custodial Services morning supervisors and leads are!

As Facilities Management adapts to constant change, these supervisors and leads are making sure their employees don’t suffer. They’ve agreed to support employees in all facets of their daily work and assist each other in becoming a successful supervisory team.

This was their brainchild: Why don’t we create a network that will encourage and support frequent, honest, and open communication? Regular meetings will be used to problem solve and allocate resources where they’re most needed.

Helping the organization succeed

For the first time ever, this group of supervisors and leads has come together to create a network of people with like-minded goals to make sure their entire organization succeeds. This includes project work, coverage when they are short-staffed, and coverage for after-hours emergencies and snow removal. Their agreement also falls in line with Facilities Management’s proposed brand values, since they are striving to be:

  • collaborative
  • caring
  • good stewards who share their expertise and resources to make their department better

The group now meets twice a month to work on mutual goals and any other issues that may need to be addressed.

Employee Appreciation Board recognizes unit

On Wednesday October 22, the Colorado State University Employee Appreciation Board had the pleasure of recognizing this hard working team for their commitment to improving operational efficiency. The meetings and team bonding sessions they’ve organized have demonstrated a level of engagement that has caught the attention of many around them.

Congratulations to this outstanding unit at Colorado State University!