Looks who’s outstanding!

University Village Maintenance staff
Left of banner: David Gonzalez, Mat Fischer, Becky Gutiérrez-Taylor, and Ken Nichols (in back); Right of banner: Uwe Listmann, Earl Thomas, and Craig Kuhlman. Not pictured: Jon Jay.

Who’s knocking on your door at 2 a.m. in the morning in response to your complaint that your apartment has no heat? None other than the University Village Maintenance staff! 

Problem busters

Problem busters, that’s what the University Village Maintenance staff are. They tackle run-of-the-mill problems like no hot water, no heat, no electricity, or a malfunctioning lock.

They handle emergencies like gas leaks, flooding, a broken window with glass shards, or someone locked in an elevator.

Day or night, weekends, or holidays, urgent maintenance concerns are handled by the University Village Maintenance staff. Their mission: provide a home-like, clean, and safe living environment for residents and guests at University Village.

Appreciation Board recognizes team

On February 11 the University Village Maintenance staff was recognized by the CSU Employee Appreciation Board for their professionalism, dedication, and courtesy. The team has oversight of over 700 university apartment units.

The appreciation event was held at the 1600 University maintenance shop. This very deserving unit was treated to breakfast including breakfast burritos, heart-shaped donuts and other delectable items as a way of saying thank you for all of their hard work and service to the residents of University Village, International House and Aggie Village (currently under complete rebuild).

Around-the-clock help

In her nomination Kelly Hixson states, “They’re all willing to stay late, work on a weekend (we often have apartment turnovers on weekends), or a holiday. I work with this team and they’re always willing to take the time to show me or educate me so I have a better understanding of everything.”

The after-hours staff gets a myriad of calls around the clock with everything from resident lock-outs to serious plumbing problems and can be involved in such calls until late the next morning.

Congratulations to Earl Thomas and his team for finding ways to exceed their residents’ expectations and exemplifying outstanding teamwork!

What’s the Employee Appreciation Board?

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board, originally formed in 1968, recognizes employees for their hard work and promotes community spirit among CSU faculty and staff through events such as breakfasts or luncheons.

Each month, the Board hosts a prize drawing for all faculty and staff who submit an entry form, including a coveted reserved parking space for a full month.

The board meets monthly during the academic year to discuss and plan employee recognition events, as well as to help promote university events. One of the main objectives of the board is the monthly recognition of a group, entity or college.

Send in your nomination

Have a department or office you want to nominate? Nominate a department or office for recognition.

The current president of the CSUEAB is Trina Burgermeister, College of Natural Sciences,  at trina.burgermeister@colostate.edu; (970) 491-1948.