Living on campus – A great option for returning students

Living in the residence halls on campus is a significant milestone in a student’s collegiate experience. However, it isn’t just for first year students. Even though all public colleges and universities in Colorado have a one year “live on” campus housing requirement, an increasing number of returning CSU students are choosing to live on campus knowing the convenience and benefits.

‘Where will I live?’

The buzz among students on campus at this time of year is “Where will I live next year?”  As students sort through a multitude of choices, a worthy option is to stay on campus. Starting in early February and continuing through the end of March, returning students have the option of choosing priority spaces on campus for the following year.

With several brand new residence halls, modern refurbishments and enhancements to existing halls, and great on-campus support and amenities, students are realizing that there’s a lot to be said for living on campus and keeping life more convenient. When considering finances, with “controlled rent” and an all-inclusive pricing, on-campus living is that much more appealing – particularly when room rates for returning students have been frozen for next year. Additionally, CSU is meeting returning students’ needs to live among other upper class students, by providing opportunities to stay close to their friends and select groups of rooms in close proximity to one another.

With new apartment complexes popping up all over town, CSU is staying competitive in a rapidly evolving housing market. “What separates the living experience for students on campus versus off campus is the wealth of resources available instantly.  Residence Life staff members are trained to assist students in their growth, development and campus connections,” says CSU Director of Residence Life Laura Giles. “Living in the residence halls benefit students emotionally, academically, and socially. As a result, students are more likely to be retained by CSU if they live on campus, and students who live on campus have higher GPAs.  Research has shown this to be true for their first-year and beyond.”

National research repeatedly indicates that students living in residence halls are found to have more developmental gains, higher GPAs, and greater satisfaction with their academic experience. But nothing tells the story like satisfied students. CSU student Seamus Quinn moved off campus after his first year, then decided to move back on campus the following year. Living off campus made him appreciate what he was missing – the on campus connectivity among students who live and learn together. “With so many people with different ideas and outlooks on life living in the same place– you share those ideas and you all grow together. And it creates a wonderful living environment,” says Quinn.

Incentives for signing up early

The 2015-16 CSU LiveOn campaign offers incentives to returning students who sign up to live on campus by March 31 – including a grand prize drawing of free room and board for a year, and five prizes valued at $500. Staff members are also incentivized by receiving a $6.50 dining card each time a student lists their name as a referral.