In memory: Harold R. Kaufman

Harold R. Kaufman passed way Jan. 4, 2018; he was born in 1926.

Harold had a career with NASA, before becoming a professor of both physics and mechanical engineering at Colorado State University, where he eventually became the chair of the Physics Department. He was a professor of physics at Colorado State University from Aug. 2001-Dec. 2002.

During his free time and summers, he was also a consultant for IBM. After retiring from Colorado State University, Harold founded Kaufman & Robinson, Inc. in 1978, where he continued to be a prolific inventor with many patents and scientific publications to his credit. Despite his many accolades, he was very modest about his achievements and insisted on being called Harold instead of Dr. Kaufman. He was a wonderful colleague, mentor, and friend, as well as a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

He continued working his entire life, because he believed it necessary to continue to exercise his mind to keep it sharp.

Obituaries compiled by CSU Public Relations Staff