Graduate Student Showcase to offer opportunities, rewards

Interdisciplinary research is more than just buzz words – it is a necessary concept in today’s collaborative markets and large-scale research endeavors.

More than 300 graduate students at Colorado State University agree, having submitted proposals to present at the Graduate Student Showcase, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Nov. 11  in the Lory Student Center Ballroom.

It will be the second Graduate Student Showcase, a one-day conference organized by the CSU Graduate School and the Office of the  Vice President for Research. It serves as an opportunity for graduate students to present their work and talents on posters, on display for public viewing and official judging.

Diverse disciplines

Commingling with dozens of fellow researchers, participants will present their scholarship alongside students from more than 90 graduate programs – a setup Jodie Hanzlik, dean of the Graduate School, said is purposeful in creating an environment for disciplines to cross and create dialogue.

“As a showcase, this event demonstrates the myriad of CSU’s graduate students’ undertakings,” Hanzlik said. “Exposing presenters to feedback from and discussion with fellow students and faculty, we hope that innovative ideas are generated and new research networks are formed.”

In keeping with the broad reach of disciplines, the submissions are separated into two categories spanning CSU’s disciplines. “Research, Scholarship and Entrepreneurshipsubmissions highlight both qualitative and quantitative research projects employing the scientific method and/or are based on published scholarly work. The other category, “Visual/Performing Arts,” includes drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and textiles, as well as performance arts like dance, music, opera, spoken word and poetry readings.

In addition to providing an arena for interdisciplinary collaboration, the Grad Show can help students enhance their conference and presentation skills, while building their resumes.

“Preparing graduate students for the next level in their research careers is one of the goals of this event,” Hanzlik said. “Presentation skills and networking opportunities are meant to prepare researchers for what we hope is a career full of funding opportunities and research collaborations.”

 Formal judging and cash prizes

Accolades and more than $10,000 will be given as prizes at the Grad Show Awards Ceremony starting at 5 p.m. Participants will be recognized for research excellence, which is key in the competitive research world that is academic scholarship, said Alan Rudolph, vice president for research at CSU and a two-time judge for the event.

“While we are awarding graduate students for their scholarship and their excellence in presentation during the event, essentially, we are investing in them as future leaders in global research,” Rudolph said.

“The Graduate Showcase puts into motion the research of tomorrow. What you see on posters in the LSC ballroom are seeds of ideas that will grow given the right attention and support, this opportunity being one of them.”

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