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Global ranking nets CSU a trio of top-10 spots

by Anne Manning | April 1, 2017 3:29 PM

The Center for World University Rankings[1] (CWUR), which measures the quality of education and training for students at universities around the world, has placed Colorado State University in the top 10 in three subject areas: “biodiversity conservation” (10), “engineering, ocean” (10), and “meteorology and atmospheric sciences” (7).

The subject-specific rankings were published earlier this month by the United Arab Emirates-based organization. In 2016, the CWUR placed CSU at No. 282 overall in its World University Rankings.[2]

This year’s subject rankings[3] list the world’s leading universities in 227 categories. The rankings are based on the number of research articles from these universities that appear in top-tier journals. Data is obtained from Clarivate Analytics. For example, for the “engineering, ocean” ranking, the top journals in which CSU research appeared were: Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology; Coastal Engineering; and Ocean Engineering.

For the biodiversity ranking, Chris Funk, director of CSU’s Global Biodiversity Center[4] in the School of Global Environmental Sustainability[5], said that no single college or department at CSU is responsible for the high marks. “Rather, this is due to the fact that we have incredible strength in biodiversity conservation-related research in pretty much all the colleges on campus.”

CSU researchers[6] are conducting such biodiversity work all over the world. A large number of those projects are detailed at the Global Biodiversity Center website.[7]

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